13 November 2008

Crafter's Law

Have you heard of it? No? Good, then I'm laying claim to the term right now. Crafter's Law is the cousin of Murphy's Law. It's the law that guarantees no matter how fabulous your results are when you're just tinkering around, when deadlines loom, everything will go wrong. That means that the week you have a show will be inundated with other "life" appointments, the bobbin on your sewing machine will suddenly decide to act up, your dogs will demand attention by reverting to puppyhood and chewing on household items, and when you do have time to sit down and work on things, you will run out of thread.

Hopefully I can get back to these little chickadee ornaments today.


Simba said...

Love how those ornaments are looking!!!


Julia said...

yup, sounds about right.

the problem i'm having now is that even though deadlines loom, all i want to work on is knitting (which has nothing to do with my deadlines). argh. i'm allowing myself just one more knitting project (after the one i'm working on now) before seriously buckling down on the sewing! good luck! and feel better!

SilverGelatin said...

I really feel your pain with the puppyhood...Loca has reverted as well and is chewing everything in sight...from my sweaters, to my mother's 22 year old rocking, to my brothers paintball guns. I'm blaming the season change. Good luck!

Cicada Studio said...

I know it well.

Lauren Urban said...

I know the Crafter's Law very very well, and it is one reason I hesitate to take custom orders with a strict deadline. I somehow always end up in tears of frustration.

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