06 November 2008

Busy, Busy

Now that the election is over I feel like I can return to everyday routines. I spent the morning printing another run of reindeer cards in green and gold--- they're drying as I write this. The brown and gold version proved very popular and I only have a few sets left for the holiday season. It feels a little bittersweet printing holiday cards this year, with the closure of the Gocco factory. But I'm branching out, and I have a few more projects in the works beyond buttons.

I'm also working on relaunching my own website. I'll show you all when it is ready, along with a special offer for the relaunch!


Stacey said...

Those are beautiful. I always meant to try out the Gocco, but now with it closing down I am sad I may not ever get to do it. :(

renee said...

Where did you get that rack?

Brigid said...

I really like those. Your work is beautiful.

Angela said...

Stacey, it is very sad!

Renee, the rack came with my Gocco kit and I ordered a few extras from printaddictjapan (you can find her on Etsy) or Northwood Studios, I can't quite remember which.

renee said...

Oh thank you so much. :) I just love that rack. :)

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