23 November 2008

Handmade Holidays: Make a Black Apple Doll

'Tis the season where I start trying to make handmade gifts. I had, of course, intended to start much, much earlier, but some local shows and some boring "life" chores like dealing with insurance companies have kept me quite busy. I managed to have an almost entirely handmade Christmas last year. What I could not make myself I bought on Etsy, and the whole process was a lot more fun and a lot easier on our budget.

I plan on making this Black Apple doll for my niece (and I'm sharing this because she's probably one of the few family members who doesn't/can't read the blog --- hi to the rest of you!). You can get the pattern here on Martha Stewart. If I have time, I'm also hoping to knit up some removable mini accessories for her from my yarn stash.

What are you planning on making this holiday season?

P.S. There are several big things in the works for Paper Menagerie in the next month or two. A lot of people emailed me wondering what this post was about. I can't quite share yet, but I will when I'm able!

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