03 May 2008

Mushroom Logs

Another one of my domestic fantasies has been to grow my own food. This might be decidedly more difficult in New Mexico, as I want to be ecologically responsible and not use an insane amount of water. Part of me wonders if doing container gardening with a few select edibles would be a smarter choice.

One thing I think would be really cool is a mushroom log. You can grow them indoors and they are available here for a very reasonable price, are certified organic, and yield two to four crops of shiitake mushrooms. Very cool, huh?

{Picture by tonyolm on Flickr.)


High Desert Diva said...

Cool doesn't even do justice to this. Wowza!

Came back to tell you to take a peek at Karine Swenson's latest post. (link on my blog) She moved to the desert and has a really good description of how it felt to move to such a landscape.

Callooh Callay said...

How cool is that? It's great just for its sculptural effect, but fresh mushrooms, even better.

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