22 May 2008


Previously I posted about a book I adore, The Boss of You: Everything A Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business (you can read the original post here). Cicada Studio also purchased the book and posted one of the questions from the initial chapters on her blog, along with her answer. I was initially shy about sharing mine, but it was so fun to read the responses over at Cicada Studio that I thought I'd post another question from the book here:

What colors, tastes, and smells come to mind when you think of your business?

Colors: This was easy, since I use many of them in my work. I'm inspired by the seasons, but I'd describe my overall palette as "bright vintage" (more on that and it's relationship to another previous post later). I'm consistently drawn to pale turquoise, red, pink, yellow, brown, and ivory.

Tastes and smells: Since I work mostly with paper, this is much more abstract, and so much fun to think about. The scent of mock orange, vanilla, and lavender come to mind. In terms of taste, definitely a lot of my grandmother's recipes: ginger molasses cookies, Earl Grey tea, rasberry squares, and rhubarb custard pie. I never realized my stationery was an endless series of desserts before!

These were my initial responses I wrote while reading the book on a flight from Michigan to Boston. Looking back, these are colors, smells, and tastes from the earliest stage of my crafting life--- I learned to sew alongside my grandmother, when she would have me make doll clothes while she worked on other projects around the house. So many of the fabrics she gave me to work with were vintage scraps in the colors above, and so many of the tastes are foods she fed (and still feeds) me! I look foward to posting more questions and responses to show how influential she has been.

What about you? What colors, tastes, or smells do you see in your work?


Cicada Studio said...

I'll share!

Colors: White for sure, but a soft, almost warm white. Raw Umber- which is my black- and add that color to almost any other pure color, and you'll get softly warmed hues from mineral blues and chalky greens to reds with just a touch of earthiness.

Tastes: Creamcicles and lemonade, but not too sweet.

Smells: Grass, citrus, orange blossoms and geranium.

picciolo said...

I am definately going to have to go out and get this book, you and cicada are teasing me!
: )

Angela said...

Post your answers, picciolo!

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to admit..I don't have an answer to that question..Really never thought about tastes/smells..Very interesting..

Helen said...

This is an interesting post. I think I'll have to buy the book. Thought provoking. Do you find it helpful?

Distressing Delilah said...

Ahhh! Cool book..interesting question! Not sure! Smells..fresh air and fresh cut grass???

Angela said...

Helen, I definitely find it helpful! It helps you articulate your vision and goals in a way that other business books fall short (in my humble opinion).

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