02 May 2008

Green Thumbs in a Brown Landscape

One of my work friends has become more and more fixated on the fact that I'm a born Vermonter moving to a very brown landscape. It doesn't help that he visits his mother-in-law in Albuquerque, so it seems that all his associations are pretty negative.

He keeps stressing the point that I soon as I move, I must start building up a collection of houseplants. And he insisted on green, not "little orchids on sticks." As much as I want him to stop harping, this struck me as a swell idea. Right now, we have only one plant, a pathetic-looking Pothos that has been slowly languishing due to the fact that our apartment is in a dark Victorian house (a house that killed off a gorgeous Swedish ivy I had). I thought Pothos plants were impossible to kill, but this apartment just might do it in.

Along with the terrariums I previously posted about (here and here), I'd love a collection of green things on adobe window ledges. And lots and lots of succulents. And to learn more about xerioscaping. If anyone has any ideas for easy houseplants or arrangements, please post them here!

{All images above from Flickr: 1. houseplant hospital, 2. venus flyt rap, 3. Houseplant - Philodendron, 4. Houseplant, 5. Houseplant - Spider Plant, 6. Jade Plant in Bloom, 7. Desert Rose, 8. Houseplant in hydroculture, 9. spikey}


Cicada Studio said...

I have the plant center bottom. That thing is amazing... next to the Pothos as far as making it, but a bit more interesting to look at.

I like house plants. They become part of the family.

Victoria said...

Lovely selection! Venus Fly Traps plants absolutely fascinate me! You should also get an Aloe Vera plant as they do very well with neglect, (as do African Violets) and are terrific to keep in the kitchen in case you ever burn yourself. Their juice is very medicinal to burns!

High Desert Diva said...

Good idea with the house plants...you'll want some additional color at first. As someone who recently moved from a very wet, green place, to a very dry desert....you'll get used to the brown and you'll find beauty in new things...like rocks.

As far as xeriscaping, try the High Country Gardens website. They're located in New Mexico, so it should be perfect for you.

Allison said...

I second the idea of an aloe plant. I try my hardest but I must get really fussy plants & end up doing something wrong. My aloe manages quite well against all the fuss!

things are better with a parrott said...

yeah succulents!! I love jades and living stones. and they are so easy to take care of.

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