01 May 2008

Timing is a Funny Thing

After my overtired whining yesterday, I received my shipment of library cards today! I'll be creating ten sets this weekend and adding them to the shop! I'm very excited to have a bit of time on the Gocco to look forward too.

I'm thinking of updating the old cards with an illustration from a vintage textbook on the Dewey decimal system, perhaps in burgundy on manila. Or one of my favorite Gocco colors, a rich chocolate (er, poop?) brown. Any thoughts?

{Disclaimer: I'm a little embarassed that these have been one of my best sellers on Etsy, as much as I continue to get a kick out of them. I make the pretty, I swear. Also, I am now a virtual vault of poop stories told to me by strangers at craft shows all across New England. Aside from libraries, Target seems to be high on the list.}


jkziel said...


I'd love to see some Target inspired ones!


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Anybody that spend a fair amount of time working retail has a pooping in public places story. Sad but true.

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