30 April 2008

I Miss My Hands

Well, obviously they're still here in the literal sense. But aside from making some stickers while watching Becoming Jane (meh) last night, I've done very few projects lately. Oh, I have plans, including an update of classic manila library cards for the shop--- but there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day. Or at least not enough hours in the day where I enjoy the process in that meditative craft "flow."

I left the house at six this morning to get to school and am just getting home now, at six in the evening. I'm sitting down to a beer and am going to make an awesome mushroom ricotta pizza shortly, but first I need to catch my breath. At least it's spring, and even if I don't always have time to pull out my materials, I'm trying to stop and smell the tulips.

Julia over at minecreations also blogged about this problem today. Much more eloquently, I might add.


able mabel said...

Ohhhh!! Spring! We keep getting teasers of it here in MN, then it gets cold again! Seeing that gorgeous picture of the tulip gives me hope again!

Julia said...

thanks for the compliment angela. i must say, that the more time i spend thinking about and experiencing this balance between job/life/crafting/whatever else we all fill our days with, the more i realize that it's important to just follow your heart and listen to what you need. even if you want to be crafting, if you need to just relax with a beer for a while, and then cook a yummy dinner and then go to bed, that's what you should do. there's no sense in driving ourselves crazy for something that we love doing. because then we won't love doing it anymore. also- why would anyone deprive themselves of a mushroom ricotta pizza?! have a good night.

jkziel said...

*at least it is Spring* that really depends on where you are! SNOWING right now!

I need to move.

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