08 April 2008

It's Here! Bright Buttons and Magnets

My addiction to using repurposed paper to create patterned stickers has developed into a new project: using my new button maker to create cheerful buttons and magnets made from 1950s childrens' encyclopedias. It's kitschy meets vintage meets green.

Each set is unique and no two buttons are alike. I'll be listing themed sets (like the songbirds above) in my Etsy shop over the new few days and weeks!


Jessica Ziel said...

*lalala* button maker--I can't see what cool things people make with them or else i will try to buy one *lalalal*

Helen said...

Those are gorgeous! I wish I could do stuff like that :)

letitiah said...

oooh, button maker, so much fun! I love them as magnets!

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