25 April 2008

House Wish List: Prints

One of the reasons we are moving is to relocate to somewhere more affordable, where we can (hopefully) buy a nice, roomy house. With the time I spend on Etsy I always find myself adding items to my mental wish list. I especially love all the prints on Etsy, so I thought I would share a few with you.

I definitely want a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster from sfgirlbybay (who also has a great blog, by the way). I think the vintage red color would look great in a kitchen. I want one in pale blue for my dream studio, too.

Another print I have had my eye on for some time is this one by theblackapple (another artist whose blog is a regular read). Doesn't it make you feel cozy and warm? I love the title, too--- "Cold Toes Warm Heart."

I've also been in love with Jennifer Judd-McGee's work at swallowfield. Her collages are so pretty and cheerful, and she sells them as originals as well as prints. "Red Quilt" is one I really love:

Hmmm, I'm sensing a theme here with the red. I like lots more, too, that I'd love to share later. And I need to go make something today. The weather is so beautiful, but I haven't taken advantage of it to make those cyanotypes I wrote about earlier.

1 comment:

jkziel said...

I need the keep calm and carry on--right over where my sewing macine sits.

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