26 April 2008

Spring in Boston

I felt so lucky to be on vacation this week. Granted, a lot of time was spent in mundane (and somewhat scary, if it can be both) chores like contacting moving companies and getting fingerprinted at the police station so I can be certified to teach in New Mexico. And there's that pile of research papers I need to grade over the next two days that looks a bit daunting . . .

But all the same, spring in Boston is so lovely. There's so many tulips and daffodils and trees in bloom right now, and it seems like everyone has emerged from winter hibernation in a fabulous mood.

I thought I'd share this vintage postcard (another from my collection) of the Boston Public Gardens. The swan boats are so charming, and are still around (and still operated by someone pedaling it like a bike!). I highly recommend a little boat ride around the lagoon if you're ever in town.

1 comment:

High Desert Diva said...

It's a wonderful postcard!

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