21 April 2008

Marathon Monday

Today is Patriot's Day in Massachusetts, otherwise known as Marathon Monday. Basically, the whole city shuts down because no one can go anywhere! I forgot this until this morning, which means things like calling movers for estimates will have to wait . . .

But it does mean I can update the shop later! I might also wander down to Beacon Street to watch a few marathoners on their way to the finish line. Chesney, our Jack Russell, likes to howl at the runners as they go by.

I don't have a fitting photo for this post (I need to take more of day-to-day life), so I'll just share another set of magnets from the shop.


picciolo said...

sounds like an interesting day there! thanks for the recipe link, and I love those plates you have featured
: )

Sarah Niemela said...

I've never watched a marathon! It would be neat to see. Cute magnets!

Christopher And Tia said...

pretty magnets! my fridge is too bare.

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