29 April 2008

Paper Goods for Cupcakes

When we were married last August, we had cupcakes instead of a traditional tiered wedding cake. And then, just to be silly, we cut them with a silver heirloom cake cutter that my grandparents used at their own wedding (I wanted tiers of Rice Krispies treats, but that's another story for another post).

I wish I had known about these filigree cupcake wrappers from Paper Orchid then (first seen on Paper Crave)! They're so pretty and cute.


Katie said...

Those are pretty! Maybe I'll keep them in my secret "When I Get Married" folder ;)

picciolo said...

they are gorgeous, far too pretty to throw away. It makes that cupcake look even more delicious! Your wedding cake sounds great, what a nice idea.
: )

jkziel said...

very pretty!

Half of my cake was rice crispy treats with just frosting on top--we didn't need a lot of cake, but liked the look of tiers--cheaper to have rice crispies than cake or foam (why I don't know)--so there you have it!

Angela said...

Hehehe "Secret 'When I Get Married'" folder. I totally had one of those until we moved in together, and then I parted with it.

Justin Snow said...

I wanted a cupcake cake too! Those are so perfect.

littlebird said...

what a great idea as an alternative to traditional wedding cake and those cases are so pretty you could always get some for your anniversary : )

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