06 April 2008

Home Sweet (Fantasy) Home

House lust has fully set in . . . every Sunday night, my husband and I buy a bottle of our favorite red wine (Rex Goliath, if you want to try it) and browse realty sites and gush over charming adobe houses in Albuquerque. The real challenge has been finding something pre-1950!

Besides a kiva fireplace and beamed ceilings, I'm also excited for a larger studio space. Right now I work in our living room and am constantly shifting my supplies (or thinning them out) to make room for our day-to-day needs.

I'm in love with the Organized pool on Flickr, which shows off people's orderly domestic spaces and collections in the prettiest sense of the word.

{All images from Organized Flickr pool}
1. kitchenwall, 2. All Kool Aid, all the time., 3. Eve's Eggs, 4. Silk Threads, 5. Untitled, 6. white, 7. wooden clog collection, 8. Untitled, 9. tall stack, 10. Dimensional Letters, 11. from the kitchen window drawer, 12. beautiful things from the sea, 13. skinny_030508_sm, 14. collection from nature, 15. blue candles, 16. Blogged by Poppy Talk


High Desert Diva said...

So...is a move to Albuquerque really in the works?

great images....loved the previous post studio picture too

Autonomous Artisans said...

Hehe! I just have to giggle a little at the pre 1950's bit. I live in a house that was built at the turn of the last century an where I am it's not considered all that old. I used to live in a 300 year old farm house for a while... now that's OLD :)

Angela said...

Yes, a move to Albuquerque is definitely in the works! We will be leaving this summer.

And it does feel funny to look for "old" houses that are pre-1950. Right now we live in Boston, where the oldest buildings are from the 1600s!

Julia said...

these images are definitely putting me in more of a nesting mode, they look so beautiful.

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