17 April 2008

I Feel Like I'm Cheating on My Gocco

But we're just "taking a break." It's so fun to repurpose the childrens' encyclopedias I picked up. This is a set from an encyclopedia entry on different state birds (just don't quiz me). I love the one in the center with the lilacs.


Distressing Delilah said...

So pretty and spring! Love the birds!

Cicada Studio said...

Totally cute. I love these old illustrations!

picciolo said...

these are great, the colours are just lovely
; )

ThePeachTree said...

Love those! I'm sure your Gocco will take you back when you're ready :)

MewPaperArts said...

Just remember what happened to Ross and Rachel when they were "on a break"...you be careful to keep those gocco fires burning!

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