05 May 2008

Photography Play Continued

It rained most of the weekend, but today was lovely . . . so I nabbed the chance to leave work when I could and took Chesney, my Jack Russell, on a long walk. I took the camera with me again, and while I don't seem to be shooting much besides all the lovely flowers in bloom, I had fun all the same. When I got home I took the time to photograph some of my button magnets and update the shop. I realized (yet again) how much inspiration I get just from my everyday surroundings. Or do I just connect with the same things in the everyday that I do when I create? I think the side by side comparisons here will illustrate my point.

Dogwood blossoms against the sky and buttons made from a vintage children's book.

Apple blossoms (my May favorite smell--- you can't beat coming across an old apple tree in the Vermont woods in May) and Alice in Wonderland in pink.

Both sets of buttons are available in the shop, and the "buy one, get one" deal is still being honored!


Regal Beads said...

It doesn't feel like spring here yet...I am not used to that (we live in northern Ontario now)

picciolo said...

hi, you have been busy! That mushroom log looks like a great idea, and that chair is lovely. All your blossom/spring photos are beautiful too
: )

picciolo said...

hi, I know I have commented here already but I wanted to say thanks for my stickers, I love them! I have featured them on my blog today with a link to your shop
: )

jkziel said...

nice pretty pics and fun products inspired by them!

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