19 February 2008

First Sewing Project

Yeah, yeah. I know I should have started by doing something simple, like a pillow or napkins. But I don't do things the simple way.

Let me start by saying that this top was supposed to be a handmade version of a tunic in Anthropologie that I couldn't afford. Let me also say that Joann Fabric's was having an amazing President's Weekend sale. I got the pattern for a dollar and the fabric was $1.50 a yard. So I guess a few screw-ups are allowed.

My perfectionism is getting the better of me, though. The top has taken the better part of two days (way longer than I thought it would) and while I am close to done, I can't quite figure out how to finish off the straps in a way that looks, well, finished.

Any advice? I'd love it if sewing enthusiasts would post a few tips.


argylewhale said...

I put pom pom fringe on EVERYTHING! I dunno... some trim could be fun :)

the jewelry :ninja! said...

do you have any more of that solid purple binder's tape? that you have on the arm openings.

you could do the same treatment on the collar, and it'd look great.

Jessica Ziel said...

you can bind them, or you can simply turn the raw edge under and top stitch it. I think you did a good job, you'll have to model it when it is done.

Shannon said...

For a first project, it's marvelous! Imagine how great your second project is going to be. :) I agree with the Jewelry Ninja... I would finish off the remaining edges with more purple bias tape.

~Stella said...

Everyone already hit my ideas...binding tape or simple top-stitching. Rick-rack comes to mind, also, but it would have to be embedded in the seam and then topstitched also. If you have any weird hangy-raw ends you can always put a tiny bit of fray-check on those so that the top launders well.


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