23 February 2008

The Little Rabbit

We're having some late winter (please?) snow this weekend, and in an effort to think myself out of a February funk I tried to visualize how I think of "spring." I totally intended to do Easter-themed Gocco cards and was playing around with a few designs, but Easter is coming so early this year that time seems to have gotten away from me. Then, suddenly, this book popped into my head: The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn. I used to read this with my parents and sister all the time. In fact, my Dad and I did our own "publication" that probably drew a lot of inspiration from The Little Rabbit (and just might be a future blog post).

My childhood copy is well-worn and well-loved (and still around somewhere, I hope). There's nothing better than recalling the memory of a good book that also involves images of bunnies and buttercups.

If I struck a nostalgic cord, there are used copies of the book available online!

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