23 February 2008

Visual Vocabulary: Little Rabbits on Flickr

After recalling the book The Little Rabbit, I went and looked all some little rabbits on Flickr. Hope they make you smile!

I may just do some bunny cards regardless. Forget about timing!

1. Bunny, 2. Our first run in with bunnies (06/2005), 3. Bunny, 4. Macro-Bunny, 5. beautiful baby bunnies, 6. Baby Bunnies - Day 16, 7. Flopsy Bunny :), 8. Bunny Paws, 9. Tiny Small Bunny, 10. bunnies bunnies everywhere, 11. Flopsy Bunny :), 12. MILKA, A TINY FLUFFY BUNNY-SNOWFLAKE


Dharma Designs said...

Cute bunnies! :-)

bee said...

new blog layout looks fab

Distressing Delilah said...

beautiful! thanks for all the bunny pics too!

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