15 February 2008

Rest? I'm not sure I know how.

Today was my last day of teaching for a whole week. This is a welcome break which I've already filled, in my obsessive-compulsive manner, with a long list of things to do. A lot of those things involve our household and our upcoming move, but I am hoping to squeeze in some time to create. I'm looking forward to the following this week:
  • Printing the next card in my Jane Austen series on my Gocco.
  • Break in the new sewing machine that my Dad gave me for my birthday (thanks, Dad!).
  • Use the new pattern books along with the new sewing machine.
  • Perhaps needle felt a baby bunny to go with the bigger one I made a few weeks ago.
  • Experiment with Gocco printing on fabric.
And perhaps less fun, but equally necessary:
  • Clean and organize my work space so I can actually, erm, work in it.
  • Experiment with reshooting some of my cards for the Etsy shop.
In posting this I realized I've probably already burned through a week. I need to learn how to chill like our Rottweiler, Bear.


High Desert Diva said...

I think Bear has the right idea

Hey Harriet said...

Oh what a cute Bear! Yup, wish I could chill like my dog also. Dogs really have the chillin' thing covered ;)

Mary Ann said...

Wow, that's an ambitous week you have planned. Good luck and I agree - take a hint from Bear and relax a little too.

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