11 February 2008

I Love You, Ira Glass

I drove to Vermont this weekend to see my cousin and his new bride, who had flown in from Tibet (yes, I said Tibet). It was a long drive and I love the sparseness this time of year . . . literally the only colors I saw were white, brown, black, and gray. It was the perfect chance to let my mind stop it's running monologue, enjoy the scenery, and catch up on some old episodes of This American Life.

I love driving and crafting to This American Life because their thematic format keeps me entertained without obnoxious, loud, or intrusive. It's good humored, gentle, and cerebral all at the same time.

I highly recommend the August 2007 episode "Break-Up" (available in the archives) with Valentine's Day on the horizon. It's cringe-inducing. Not to spoil anything, but one of the contributors writes a break-up song and shares it with Phil Collins. Hilarious and genius.


Allison said...

'This American Life' is one of my favorites out there! I'll have to look up that particular episode.

Julia said...

that is a funny episode. there was a great one this weekend (not sure if it was a rerun or not) about how the onion chooses the stories it runs- i almost peed my pants!

BurkoDesign said...

I too love Ira Glass - and you scored with the rare full on photo of him here! I have indeed written him a fan letter, totally stalker style, and one year two girls I worked with made me a valentine "from" Ira Glass because I was so obsessed. I guess I just 'outed' myself :) Awesome post - I hope the links introduce his show to new listeners.

Banana-head Pancake said...

yes, yes, yes, me too! I love that episode. My heart just breaks for the girl at the end and how great is Phil Collins?

Happy Valentine's Day!

xo lauren

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