21 March 2008

Indigo, Girl

I love my friend Lisa. She's one of those people who supports any crazy idea you may have, shares great books, and always wants to get Thai takeout with you and watch Project Runway (no matter what your respective husbands might think).

Lisa recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Indigo Scout. She asked me to design some custom thank-you notes for all the baby gifts she received and gave me free reign and no deadline (her take? No one expects a mom to get them out right away, anyway).

Lis and I both love cyanotypes, and Indigo's name provided some clues as to color choices! The daffodil seemed a natural choice for a babe born in early spring. I also printed the image on the side of the envelopes, because I think the outside should be just as pretty as what's inside, don't you?

{Interested in a custom order? Feel free to email me.}

1 comment:

Cicada Studio said...

Very pretty name, very pretty thank yous. Congrats to your friend, LIsa and family!

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