09 March 2008

Jane Austen and Moleskine = Luxury List Keeping

I am fastidious keeper of lists, sketches, and ideas for stories I never write. Unfortunately, I keep this lists on scraps of paper that get lost and I'm forever trying to recall what it was I jotted down. If only I could remember, it would be fabulous! Right?

I've made the resolution, time and again, to keep my lists in one place. Perhaps a pretty notebook will help. I picked up a bunch of my favorite Moleskine Cahier notebooks. Do you know Moleskine? They're a French company with an amazing history--- Hemingway used one, Van Gogh used one, Picasso used one. They're super durable, fit in your pocket, and they have a handy flap in the back for those slips of paper I'm bound to still keep writing on.

I printed these with a silvery silhouette of Jane Austen from the first edition of Mansfield Park (and, just because I like symmetry, I photographed the book on an antique edition of Mansfield Park from my own collection). There are 64 blank pages inside. I plan on using a few of them myself, but I'm also listing a few in my Etsy shop soon.


Caroline said...

I'm a big fan of lists, too, except I'm a child of the digital age.

My lists come in the form of .txt files, scattered all over my computer/PDA.


letitiah said...

very pretty! i'm also a paper list kind of person.

Tizzalicious said...

That's a gorgeous note book!

I'm a list girl too!

Jessica Ziel said...

so pretty! At least you list somewhere---I'm a mental note taker.

poppy said...

these are really pretty angela!

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