05 March 2008

Simply Vera by Vera Wang

So I usually don't post about commerical items on here, or at least I try not to. And I fully intend to make some of my spring clothes (I still need to finish the straps on that top I posted about awhile back).

However, I was really excited to see that Vera Wang was releasing an affordable Simply Vera line at Kohl's. I never got around to checking out the fall collection, but I stopped by after work today, found the whole line on sale, and picked up this top.

I wore a Vera Wang Maids dress for my wedding (in ivory, as a bridal gown) and her "low end" collection does not disappoint. She fits petites really well. And the top is comfy and has that Anthropologie vibe, with a lower price and even better quality.


Cicada Studio said...

Ooh, this is pretty... and it would cover up my left-over baby belly quite nicely.

Angela said...

It's too funny you mentioned that, because my husband is convinced I'm "pre-ordering" maternity tops. I just like the tunic look!

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